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What is Life Skills Education?

Activities like critical thinking, creative art & craft work,
decision-making, problem-solving, an ability to
collaborate & communicate along with a sense of
responsibility towards personal as well as society at large,
to contribute good citizenship comes under Life Skill.

Importance of Life Skills Education

Staying mentally active is just as important as staying physically active.

These life skills education is important because by learning these skills, children will not struggle when it comes about real-world responsibilities. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide students with these types of basic mental, social & physical skills to make them ready for leading a better after-school life.

Life Skills are important as these bring positive effects in the life of an individual. In this 21st century, all these skills are essential to gain success not only for a healthy society but also for successful individuals. Thus, it is important to evolve skill training among children from an early age itself.

The Importance of Early Learning

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The Genius aim to enable individuals to be future ready. With our Life Skills Education our students are able to tackle various sorts of issues & problems effectively which are commonly faced in daily life. Our training helps students to thrive in the classroom & to the world outside. We endeavor to empower, inspire and educate our students with future skills. Through our interactive sessions, hands on learning modules we help our students to ready for tomorrow!

“Education is more important but skill is the most important”.

Our Teaching Method
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Why Choose Us

25 Years Of Experience In Education!

Junior Kids is special designed program for Nursery and KG kids. Above mention skills will be completed sequentially and progressively.

We always continuously praise the child when the child is executing a skill or playing a game. Always inspire confidence in the child. Never ever criticize the child.
Encouragement is far more effecting than disparagement i.e. instill confidence in a child by praising the child. Never make a child feel useless by telling the child that he/she is useless or has no future in sports. Always be positive.
Always begin a statement with
A positive comment
Then add in comment
Finish with a demonstration of a correct method.

Oral Method-Through this method the sports leader tries to explain the technicalities of the concern physical activity orally.

Discussion Method-In this method teaching process advances through discussion between the students and sports leader it supplements oral method.
Demonstration Method-Sports leader gives brief instruction in the particular skill and demonstrates that skill in front of the students.
Response Method-Students are ready to perform the activity.

Age appropriate curriculum Dedicated Junior Sport India trainers on site Sports equipment and aids for all Regular assessment reports Quality control and accountability
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